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I need your help to feature the life of an extraordinary woman. In March 2016 Lydia Ruyle, a dear friend and matriarch, died of an aggressive brain tumor. Upon diagnosis, her doctors said she had less than 3 months to live. When I found out about her prognosis, I dropped everything to be with my friend. I spoke to Lydia and her incredible husband, Bob, and I had their consent to create a film about her life story, and film her as she faced the end of her life surrounded by friends and family. I went to Colorado and filmed some remarkable moments: How we as a community came together to celebrate her and say goodbye, and how we honored the passing of a matriarch and the story of her Goddess Banners.


Lydia and I were friends for over 10 years. Her work inspired me to make films about women. Her Goddess Banners are visionary images of the sacred feminine drawn from many cultures all over the world. Lydia and I had spoken many times about documenting her life in a film, which would carry to many the courageous purpose she has embodied and expressed so well. I always knew that Lydia’s story must be told, but I need your help.





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  • Did you love Lydia and do you want this wonderful film to be made?
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  • Do you have limited resources but would love to see your money go to showing something you believe in?


If this film is in alignment with your values, your loving and generous help is needed. You have the opportunity to become part of tradition in the making: a lasting work of art that will inspire people worldwide.

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Ya Ya’s Maiden Circle ($50 or more)

You will receive a signed DVD, a “this film was funded by” credit in the film and on the website, and hugs at any screening you attend!


Ya Ya’s Mother Circle ($150 or more)

In addition to receiving a signed DVD and the other gifts above, you will also receive a set of Lydia’s Goddess Banner notecards (while supplies last).


Ya Ya’s Queen Circle ($250 or more)

2 tickets to a screening in a city near you (Travel & Stay not included). Plus you will also receive the signed DVD, the Goddess Banner notecards and a ‘this film was funded by” credit.


Ya Ya’s Crone Circle ($500 or more)

5 tickets to a screening in a city near you (Travel & Stay not included) and Lydia’s new book “Goddesses of the Americas.” Plus you will also receive the signed DVD, the Goddess Banner notecards and a “this film was funded by” credit.


Ya Ya’s Friend Circle ($1000 or more)

2 Tickets to the world premiere! (Travel and stay not included), Lydia’s new book “Goddesses of the Americas,” the signed DVD, the Goddess Banner notecards and a “this film was funded by” credit.


Ya Ya’s Angel Circle ($2,500 or more)

In addition to the benefits at the $1,000 pledge level, you will be listed in the credits as a member of the Producer's Circle and receive Producer Circle updates, mailings and bonus clips.


Ya Ya’s Ancestor Circle ($5,000 or more)

You will receive a private screening with me, the filmmaker in your hometown for your family and friends (continental USA) or I will offer a public screenings where all of profits go to a woman’s charity of your choice. Plus you receive everything at the $2,500 pledge level.


Larger donations are welcome. Please email Dr. Isadora



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Lydia Ruyle

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  • Additional travel to capture stories of communities that have been enriched by Lydia’s work
  • Salaries and hourly wages
  • Equipment
  • Transcription
  • Musical score
  • Music Licenses
  • Licensing the rights for images & video footage
  • Motion graphics
  • Sound Engineering
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